How to work long hours in Front of computer: (Effects and Solution)

We cannot stop working on the screen but we have to take care of our health too. Continuously working on the computer or laptop screen from close proximity has a bad effect on our eyes. Just by keeping some small things in mind, we can avoid all the problems, let’s know how to work long hours in front of computer.

work long hours in front of computer

Screen spoiling eye health:

In the modern era, computers and mobiles are the only support of the people, in such a situation it has to be seen. Due to not keeping the correct way of sitting during its use, the risk of eye-related problems increases.

Effects of using laptop for long hours on eyes:

Being constantly exposed to the computer screen can cause many types of problems in the eyes. For example, heaviness in the eyes, blurred vision, fatigue, headache, insomnia, dryness in the eyes, these problems can also be called vision syndrome, pain in the shoulders, neck and back is also common due to improper sitting position.

Computer Vision Syndrome:

The eyes are not adapted to continuously look at any one point. Spending more time in front of computer laptop can lead to computer vision syndrome. This can cause problems like heaviness in the eyes, blurred vision, burning, watery, trouble seeing nearby things etc.

Dry Eye Syndrome:

Continuous use of smart phone, working in front of computer for a long time or watching TV affects the tear film of the eye, causing the eyes to swell. This is called dry eye syndrome.
In this, symptoms like burning in the eyes, itching, heaviness, redness in the eyes are seen.

How to work long hours in front of computer?

Constantly staying with the computer or mobile, TV screen can cause you a lot of problems, just by paying attention to some things, you can easily avoid these problems.

1. Use the 20/20/20 Technique:

It’s the best way to stay with the screen for a long time, every 20 minutes, take a 20 second break and focus on something that’s 20 feet away. This is called the 20/20 technique.

2. Comfortable Sitting Position:

Make comfortable seating arrangements such as using an ergonomic chair while working on a computer or laptop. Try sitting up straight or use pillows for your back. how to work comfortably with computer screen.

3. Distance and Screen Position:

Hold a computer screen at 15 degrees below the eyes. Keep a distance of at least 25 inches between the screen and the eyes. It is necessary to maintain this minimum distance, use screen june for remote viewing.

4. Keep Moisture in the Eyes

Use a lubricant drop, it keeps the moisture in the eyes. If possible, after 2-3 hours wash the mouth and eyes with fresh water, take fresh air. Don’t look at the screen continuously, keep blinking your eyes.
A great idea is to wear a computer glasses or blue light glasses.

5. Office Support Items:

Work by keeping the laptop on a stand, if the screen is small then keep the font size large, it will not put pressure on the eyes.

Some other items for comfortable work space:

Add something soft underfoot, Pain Relief and Support for Back, Hips, Legs, Knees and Feet – A footrest that will improve blood circulation in the legs so that you can sit for long periods of time without pressure on the feet.

An Under Desk Elliptical Bike, Pedal Exerciser, you can workout your body while sitting or standing up and it makes your workout varied and convenient.

6. Customize Screen Settings:

Try to keep the brightness low on both computer and smart phone and use night mode for night. Avoid bending the neck for a long time while using the smart phone.Do not constantly look at the screen, blink while using the gadgets.

The seating position should be comfortable:

Working continuously sitting in one place gives rise to many problems, such as tension, back and neck pain, due to which you are not able to give good performance to your work. So for a comfortable position, pay attention to some things that may be necessary for you.

Choosing an ergonomic desk & chair:

Think about comfort – comfort is key, Be sure to buy an ergonomic professional desk chair. Most of the people choose a simple chair which is just good to look at, so you can not stay focused for long.

You should spend on an office chair. A comfortable chair should be adjustable, padded and have a soft seat with a head supporter. It would be wise to choose a modern chair that has a pillow supporter for your back pain relief and a neck supporter for neck pain.

This is an important point to make your office space attractive and professional. Doing some exercise, using ergonomic chair and support items for back pain relief.

Comfort Sitting position:

Having back pain due to overwork in front of the computer is a common problem. Sitting in the same position all day can cause lower back pain/pain. Try not to sit in the same position in the same place continuously. For this you can use support pillow for office chair to relieve back pain.

Center the computer monitor at your height so that the top of the text is at or slightly below eye level. Do not work with the monitor turned on for a long time. Adjust your chair such that your thighs are parallel to the floor.

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