Creating a Positive Space: 10 Must-Have Items for Office Desk

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Surely we all know that concentration and hard work is necessary to achieve any goal. Your desk plays an important role in keeping you positive from where your work starts.
How Can a Desk Space Make You Positive? According to science, “Your brain feels happy by seeing positive things, nature, and favorite things around you”. Things to keep on office desk for positivity. 

Essentially your desk is a reflection of your work and personality. The first view of the office or workspace is your desk, the place where you work throughout the day, it is connected to your mind.
How fun it will be to work among your favorite things from the beginning of the day till the end of the work. Things to keep on office desk for positivity are listed here.

Imagine if you feel sluggish or bored looking at your desk. If you’re having a crappy day at work. Therefore, a favorable environment is also necessary for a healthy mind, which makes you positive.
Believe me there are some things that can make your day positively oriented with a decorative look to your desk.

The workday is like a process in which stress is common, it is your right to keep a beautiful workspace in order. Choose cool things to keep on your desk at work, so that you stay motivated the next day, you get inspiration.

10 Things To Keep On Office Desk For Positivity:

Simple and great ideas that keep your office desk space positive and can help you stay active. These things indirectly keep you positive throughout the day. 10 such positive ideas have been told here, let’s see about them.

1. Your Daily Planner:

A desk planner notes help me a lot in remembering to write down many new ideas and daily goals while working.


A daily planner is your companion, helping you keep track of tasks, new ideas, tips, etc. Yes, without a planner your day can become a mess, One Notes lets you see your daily or month together, in a clear and legible way.

A planner depicts goal setting with routines. At the start of the day, look at the routine, and consider the plans, a better plan gives a positive look to your work.

Writing down some important things will give you a personal feel, that way we can keep track of all the major things we need to accomplish.
Your planner should inspire you, adding this to the essentials of a desk.

2. Greenery:

We find ourselves calm and positive amidst greenery, trees, and plants because we feel connected with nature.

I like to keep a small plant on the desk and a large plant with a pot and stand next to the desk.. things to keep on office desk for positivity. 

office desk plant ideas
Studies have shown that plants in the office can help improve indoor air quality, reduce stress, and increase productivity. Do not think too much about it, it must be in your office. Use of a small but best air purifier for desk space makes you feel better.

Adding plants to your desk enhances the beauty of the desk as well as helps in a positive and pure environment. Small plants can be used for desks and large plants can be used in the office area. ( Living plants are the best option) These days hanging decorative plants and aromatic plants are preferred to be planted in the office area.

3. Soundproofing Is Important:

We are talking about positivity, it is not possible without a calm atmosphere. It is important to create a soundproof space for your workstation or desk so that the noise of unnecessary things outside does not hinder your work.

Well, it is a big issue to keep the entire office room soundproof. But you can do a posture and better solution for your desk.

Good quality Noise Cancelling headphones can go a long way in keeping you calm and stress-free. Makes you a good helper in online meetings, playing your favorite playlist or connecting to your phone call.

Spending on good comfortable headphones is beneficial for you. Headphone stand that protects your headphones to give a stylish look to the desk. You can take a look at these headphones (Cyber Acoustics Headset, Noise Cancelling Mic & Adjustable Mic).

Read more about soundproofing workspace:


4. Desk Positive Items:

The positivity of an office desk space also depends on what items you like to live among. It is natural that the things around you affect your mood indirectly.

For some desk things that can be a means for you to stay positive. Many times these things find in the survey. Some tabletop games like brain physics toys, desk science games are very much preferred to keep things on the desk with decorations.

A happy face that indicates you are always happy like a statue (Laughing Buddha, Statue Little Monk, Happy Face) put on the desk.
For positive signs (Meditating Yoga Statue Figurine, Tabletop Fountain and your ideal great man) etc. things are used for desk.things to make your office desk fresh.

5. Physical Positivity:

Exercise is also necessary to stay active and agile throughout the day. It is said that “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. For this you do not need to worry much, Under Desk Exercise Equipment will help you completely.

Under Desk Elliptical Machine, Exercise Bike, Pedal Cycle Workout Equipment is effective in keeping you positive and fit and allowing you to burn a lot of calories.
You can also use it at office work, reading, watching TV, not only exercise but also enjoy recreational activity. positive energy items for office desk. 

Yoga and Pranayama:

Yoga is the simplest and most effective way to keep the mind calm and positive. There are some pranayama and yoga kriyas that you can do comfortably in the office space or even at the desk.

There are many wonderful yogas like Anulom Vilom Pranayama, Kapalbhati Pranayama (skull shining breath) which will keep you active throughout the day, you will be free from stress.
Anulom Vilom Yoga is a specific type of controlled breathing (Pranayama). It transmits pure air to the brain which helps you to stay positive. The practice of this type of pranayama is beneficial for you, which you can do in the office.
You must watch detailed studies or videos about it.

6. Quotes / Motivational & Positive Thinking:

Staying motivated to stay positive is very important, good thoughts make the mind happy.
On your office desk, there must be good quotes and words or pictures of your ideal great man to increase the courage for your goal. Look at them whenever you need inspiration.

Sometimes it’s natural to feel tense and stressed at work. To give a fresh and positive signal to the mind, the thoughts written by the guiding person are helpful in reawakening you. Your favorite great quotes and ideas can be placed on the desk or even on the front wall in a single frame.

When you work with the picture of your ideal great man at your desk, his great work and thoughts inspire you. Human nature feels itself energized with inspirational things. It has been seen that all these things have been helpful in increasing the positivity for your desk space.

7. Sitting Comfort:

comfort office desk for positivity

There should be a comfortable sitting position for long hours to work without any problem. Choosing a good ergonomic chair will prove to be your positive.

Sitting in one place for a long time in office work can lead to conditions like back pain, bending in the neck, and tension. A back support pillow, a comfortable chair, and a screen position at 20% below the eyes are essential. Mind Reader Rest Ergonomic Foot Pressure Relief for Comfort can be of great use to you.

Do not work continuously, a little rest is also necessary, take some time out in the open for fresh air.

8. Desk Organizer & Supplies:

A desk organizer works well for keeping a busy and cluttered desk supply organized. Try to make sure that your desk is empty and clean, it is better to use a small desk organizer. Other things keep in desk storage.

Keeping your office supplies upgraded and organized is guaranteed to put you in a jovial mood, even when you are in a boring job. To keep the desk space clean, you can also keep drawer desk organizer, a pen holder, coffee mug.

9. Background & Memories:

Your desktop background expresses your mood state, it is the first scene of your work that makes you feel creative and fresh. I often replace it with a motivational quote, attractive nature picture or best photos of myself which makes me feel fresh and something new from inside.

Old photos, memorable travels and photos of moments spent with friends or family give you a pleasant experience. It’s great to put some favorite pictures on the desk with the frame.

My recommendation: You must be using a calendar for your desk, some online sites print your memorable and favorite photos on the desktop calendar, people like it.


10. Cool Lighting:

Uncomfortable amount of light or unsightly lighting in the office makes one feel uncomfortable. It not only strains the eyes but can also affect your mood along with headache, fatigue. That’s why a soft lighting and color is very important for the office. best positive energy items for office decor. 

A modern light-adjusting desk lamp that simulates natural light can give you a great atmosphere. Things like Led Moon Lamp, Folding Book Lamp can make your desk lighting positive. Also, whether you need it or not depends on your work.


Here are listed things to keep on your office desk for positivity that help you create a wonderful atmosphere. The things placed around you will indirectly affect your mood, so it is necessary to have positive energy items on your desk. If we work in a better environment just using simple and small things, then positive growth in our productivity work is sure. Pure environment and positive things inspire us for work, we hope you have got some help from this, share your thoughts in the comments with us so that we can add new things with you.

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