Top 8 Positive Energy plants for office tables ( Green office):

Keeping plants in your office or room is not a very difficult task. Here is The List of Positive Energy plants for office.
It seems that some plants are made for your office space. They require very little space and care.

Due to the lack of space in cities, people cannot make a garden. Because of this, the trend of installing indoor plants has increased a lot.

They not only give us life but also keep our minds happy and calm. Makes the environment around us positive, pure, and beautiful, and also gives clean air to the toxins present in the air.

You have to choose some indoor plants that require less space and care. Such as pothos or money plants, snake plants, boss, aloe vera, fern plants, areca palm pc lily plants, weeping plants, basil, pine plant, gerbera daisy plant, etc.

Some of these plants are also kept as office desk plants. It makes the desk space attractive with a natural look. plants that attract positive energy

Top positive energy plants for office That Bring Good Energy:

Here is The List of the Best Positive Plants for your office space.

1. Tulsi (Basil) plant:-

positive energy plants images

You will find it in almost all the houses in India, this plant has many benefits.

Mosquitoes and insects run away from their smell, and rapidly increases the amount of oxygen in the air. This is the best indoor plant for offices as per Vastu.

Clears many harmful chemicals and bacteria. Eating basil leaves is beneficial for diseases like colds, coughs, etc.

Due to its medicinal properties, it is worshiped all over India, people like to put it in their homes. This is a great plant in the selection of the best positive energy plants for office space.

2. Aloe vera:-

aloe vera for office desk

In fact, it is considered to be the best positive indoor plant. This is a very beneficial plant. This keeps the air in the house pure. Apart from this, it is also very beneficial for health, skin, and hair.

In this, watering once in three-four days also works. There are also many benefits of medicinal properties present in its leaves and plants which help with positive energy.
However, its benefits are in purifying the air and absorbing negative vibes.

3. Bamboo Plant:-

positive energy plants for office desk

This plant can easily grow in low light. A great view will be found outside the office room or near the window at the door.

It balances the amount of oxygen in the air. This plant has come from Southeast Asia, and the people of the house where this plant resides remain healthy. This plant makes the air clean and the environment clean.

To get good luck, wealth, and fortune, bamboo plants are kept in offices and homes. It is also considered very lucky and auspicious in Vastu Shastra.

4. Money Plant:- best plants for office table

best plants for office table

This is a plant that everyone likes to plant. It is a creeper plant and is very much liked as decoration.

A great look is made near the window or on the office wall shelves. As a hanging plant, it is preferred in ornamental plants.

Ashes require very little maintenance. It does not even need much light, it also gets absorbed in water. It releases oxygen by absorbing the carbon dioxide spread in the air and keeps the air pure.

5. Peace Lily:-best plants for office air quality

best plants for office air quality

It is an attractive and beautiful indoor plant. It is a plant that likes light sunlight. Its leaves can get scorched in excessive sunlight.

This plant is known for its air-purifying abilities. It purifies the air by neutralizing unnecessary and harmful gases, like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

This is a great plant for a positive office space. Keep it on the desk with a small pot and beside the desk with a large pot. It does not require much care. You can also plant it under a big plant.

6. Areca palm plant:-

This plant looks beautiful to see, people like it more from the point of view of decoration.

But it also has some advantages. It cleans the air by removing toxic substances like carbon monoxide from the air.

The height of this plant is a little bigger, so you can plant it in a pot in the corner of the office or room.

7. Weeping Fig (Ficus Benjamina) Plants:-

air purifier plant for office

This is a beautiful plant with white flowers. It does not require much care.

It is helpful in removing dust particles from the room through the air. Many people are allergic to dust, in this, so this plant absorbs dust particles and makes the air clean.  It is the best plant for office to increase air quality.

Its leaves are very delicate, so do not shake them too much. All parts of the plant are poisonous except the fruits.

8. Pine Plant:-positive energy plants for office

It is a plant that releases oxygen even at night. This small-sized pine plant looks very beautiful at home or office.

This plant needs care. For example, to maintain beauty, it is necessary to trim it from time to time.

How to plant plants in the office area:-

I think decorating an office area or room without plants is an incomplete task.

Nowadays, there are many ways to decorate plants like hanging plants, wall shelf plants, window plants, office desk plants, corner plants, etc.

Choose small and slightly larger plants according to your office space.

Choose smaller plants for the desk and larger plants for the window or corner. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to maintenance.

• People decorate hanging plants in small pots for balconies in homes. If your office is of S type, you can install a hanging plant. You can choose a great pot online that will fit easily.

• Keeping small plants like money plants, and peace lilies on the wall shelf gives a nice view.

• These small attractive plants should be kept on the office desk like Snake Plant, African Violet, English Ivy, ZZ Plant, Aloe, Philodendron, Tillandsia, Oxalis. etc.

• In an office room with enough space, some large plants can be kept like- Boss, Fiddle Leaf Fig. Rubber Plant, Ficus Alii Plant, Fishtail Palm, Basil, Areca Palm, Dragon Tree, etc.

• A medium-sized plant at a short distance next to the desk looks great.

Tips: – Make sure to use a stand or tray for pots with large plants, it prevents water from spreading due to dirtying of your floor.

In big plants, give water only after seeing the moisture of the soil, if there is moisture in the soil, then do not water. Use a spray bottle for smaller plants.

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