(Best Way) How To Make Old Furniture Look Modern:

how to make old furniture look modern

The first visual attraction of an office is the office furniture. Old and disorganized office furniture also affects your production. Let’s talk about how to make old furniture look modern and decorative.

Although it is not going to be so easy, you have to consider many things for a modern office setup. Desk decoration alone is not enough for a cozy, healthy office space. Furniture is considered to be the primary view of an office. To give an excellent and decorative look to an office, it is important to pay attention to the office wall, desk, support items, furniture, lighting.

Organized and healthy office space makes you positive towards work. Here we have talked about all those points which can give a new look to old furniture.


The first sight of people goes to your desk, if you still use an old design office desk, then you should spend on a new modern desk. A modern furniture and organized storage setup makes half the work of your office decor.

The first step in giving a new look to an old office is to build a nice ergonomic desk and chair. A must-have office storage or shelf to keep cluttered items, we will talk, how to make old furniture look new again?

For example, a waterproof wall paper can give a new look to the desk while saving your expenses. Creating a decorative office by paying attention to small things is not a difficult task. Let’s see.


You want to avoid spending anything new. PVC Wallpaper, Wood Mica or a nice Chalked Furniture Paint can give a great look to any furniture or office desk.

If the legs of the desk are made of metal it would be appropriate to paint it. Let us know in detail how it is helpful for you.

How To Make Old Furniture Look Modern Without Paint:

If you’re not planning to paint, then just clean it off with soap and water, or use a wood cleaner for solid wood surfaces.

Wallpapers can be used in many different ways in many places. It is very easy to use which you can stick on any place in minutes.

Many types of expensive wallpapers also come which are waterproof, smooth and scratchproof too. This is done in two layers, the Vinyl paper sticker can be pasted on the desk like a tape. In a matter of minutes, an old desk and old furniture can be decorated in the desired design.

It can be easily affixed to things like a book shelf, storage drawer, desk and stand. The use of maika is also pasted over the wood to give it a strong and new look. But Maika’s work is done by the carpenter. A desk vinyl wallpaper would be good for you.


  • Wipe the desk thoroughly with a damp cloth or cleaner
  • Glue your wood vinyl wrap gently from one side to the other, using a cloth or hand rub to avoid making bubbles.
  • Carefully measure and paste the edges so that the embossing is not visible.
  • After pasting, use a hairdryer for hot air so that the paper sticks well to the desk.
  • Don’t choose colored wallpaper for furniture bamboo color, faux marble vinyl sticker is good for desk

Use Paint To Create A New One:

If you’re painting your desk, use spray nine or a degreaser all over the surface first so that the surface is ready for paint. Paint can save your expenses in decorating old furniture.

For best results, experts prefer to use a synthetic Purdy paint brush or a foam brush. Its natural bristles give a sleeker look than a brush.

White Chalked Furniture Paint will give a new look to your furniture, it is important to choose a good paint.

Starting from one end, ensure that the first coat is not too thick. So that it dries quickly and gets better results.

Apply a second coat after drying, lightly sanding with 320-grit sandpaper before the second coat (use paint brush and paper in one direction, horizontal or vertical).

Normal Finish high performance water-based top coat is used as the top coat. It is effective in giving a shiny, smooth and natural look to any furniture. At least two coats after paint is recommended.


Managing computer/ pc cable can make or break a clean and minimalist desk setup. you will see how to cable manage a sit to standing desk to virtually hide most of your cable from sight in only a few minutes and only using some products!!

Strapped desk cables ruin the look of your desk, all you need to set it up is a cable raceway, power brick, double sided mounting tape and one wrap thin ties. You will get these things easily anywhere.

Buy the cable according to the size and color of the desk. Set it up under the desk with a drill. Tie all the desktop wires in a bundle with the help of tape and hang them down. With the help of cable managment system, fix all the cables in the power brick.

Use multi-purpose storage solutions.:

If you are working with an old desk then it is possible that there is no storage option. Adding a custom drawer or under desk shelves is a great option. It will provide enough space by customizing your desk space.

A variety of multi-layered drawers and small shelves are available, which integrate easily with your desk. If you are working with a corner desk, a corner shelf may be useful to you. With a good wall shelf, your desk space will look more elegant and decorative.

Desktop stand:

A desktop stand elevates your computer screen to create ample space on the desk. It is effective in giving a new look to an old desk. And you can also use a keyboard tray.

There are many other ways in which you can make your office workstation healthy and cozy, by adding some air purifier plants in pots for a natural look. Small things like wall shelving, wall decoration with some paintings and frame quotes photographs, desk mats and better lighting can make an office room look like a lotus.


Giving a modern look to an office workstation starts with your desk. You can give a great look to your old looking office space even at low cost. It is said that ‘clean and simple is decoration’. Here are some ideas for you that will help in giving a new look to your workstation.how to make an old office look modern

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